Friday, September 5, 2008

Infrared Photography

I have always been intrigued by the dreamy, unreal quality of infrared photography. I started taking digital IR photos using a point and shoot camera with an IR filter. About 3 weeks ago I became the happy owner of a Canon XT converted to IR by . I am just learning now to use this camera and how best to edit the photos.

The wonderful thing about IR is that when the sun is high in the sky and the it is not the best time to photograph outside, then it is the perfect time for IR photography.

Here is one of my first images with this camera.


Wendy said...

Marcia I love your blog, what a great way of documenting your journey.

Valerie Beeby said...

Hi Marcia. Thanks for telling us about your blog. Do you know, I never knew you sailed the Pacific for years. I am full of admiration!! Also of your blog.

I am just starting the LVS blog course, recommended by Barb (who is doing it a second time around).

I am at the stage where I have been for months of deciding just what theme to take. I may do camera phone photography and art. Best of wishes for yours.

Barb Hartsook said...

Marcia, I love this photo, and also learning a smidge about IR photography. I paint, and my camera is usually the forgotten item when I leave home. But that should change, especially when I see what a few friends are doing with theirs.

Like Valerie, I didn't know you had spent 11 years on the seas in a sail boat -- I'm intrigued. (That's a whole lot of dramamine!)

Welcome to the world of blogging. You have a beautiful start to yours.

As an aside, I'm delighted to see Valerie in class too! :)


Marcia said...

Wendy, thank you so much.

Valerie, please be sure and send me a link to your blog. I will be looking forward to adding a link. I almost took the class but decided to take a break from classes and just jump in.

Barb, thanks so much for visiting. I hope you will come again. You really don't need a camera, you paint so beautifully.