Thursday, August 13, 2009

Free Courses from Creative Techs

6-Month Photoshop Course.

Instructor: Jason Hoppe
Class Dates: Sept 2009 - March 2010
Class Times: Thursdays, 11am Pacfic Time
Link: Photoshop Course Details
Enroll: Photoshop Course Enrollment

10-Week Digital Photography Course.

Instructor: John Greengo
Class Dates: Sept 2 - Nov 4, 2009
Class Times: Wednesdays, 11am Pacfic Time
Link: Digital Photography Course Details
Enroll: Digital Photography Course Enrollment

10-Week Lightroom Course.

Instructor: Steve Laskevitch
Class Dates: Sept 14 - Nov 16, 2009
Class Times:Mondays, 11am Pacific Time
Link: Lightroom Course Details
Enroll: Lightroom Course Enrollment

These courses are free and most informative. I took the 10 Week Photoshop Course earlier this year. I highly recommend the Photoshop 6 Month Course. I plan to take the 10Week Lightroom Course as well.

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