Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tashi Choling Mandala Garden

The Mandala Garden
Located in the secluded Colestin Valley south of Ashland, Oregon, Tashi Chöling’s traditional Tibetan temple faces south on an open hillside, much as monasteries once stood on the mountains and cliffs of Tibet.

Visitors to Tashi Chöling arrive first at the Mandala Garden, set in a meadow below the temple. The garden is a very peaceful place to meditate and pray. In the spring and summer, its flowers, shrubs and trees bloom in a resplendent display of color and form.

Entering the front gate, one walks down a pathway lined with beautifully painted prayer wheels. Prayer wheels completed in 2009 also surround three sides of the Vajrasattva statue.

The garden is also home to a 35-foot high statue of Vajrasattva, set in the center, and 20-foot high statues of White Tara and Green Tara to either side. Vajrasattva, known as the Buddha of Primordial Purity, is dedicated to purification of negativity. The Green and White Tara statues represent two aspects of Tara, the female Buddha. Green Tara is dedicated to the pacification of obstacles and White Tara is for long life.The garden also contains a beautiful Long Life Shrine dedicated to the longevity of our teacher, Venerable Gyatrul Rinpoche. The shrine is filled with exquisite frescos and a large prayer wheel.

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