Thursday, November 4, 2010

More from Indian Mary Park

Indian Mary's father was named "Umpqua Joe," and was an important part of the local tribes. "Umpqua Joe" came home one day with news of an impending Indian attack on the local settlement near what is now the town of Galice on the Rogue River. "Indian Mary," who had been befriended by the local settlers, and who had married a white man, rushed to warn her husband's people, thus saving an unknown number of lives.

It wasn't long after this act that her father and her husband got into a heated argument during their excessive drinking of alcohol. Her father shot her husband, and before Mr. Peters died, he returned fire and succeeded in killing "Umpqua Joe." Left with no means of support, "Indian Mary" moved to a small cottage in Grants Pass, and leased out her homestead. She took in laundry, in order to support her children, and due to a secret her mother had taught her regarding the use of peach pits in the laundering process, she was said to have the "whitest" laundry in town!

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