Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Ranch House

I have just returned from a wonderful visit to my brother and sister in law. This is their new ranch home on 140 acres in Pipe Creek, Tx near San Antonio.


Darren Lanphere said...
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Darren Lanphere said...

That photo looks so alive! It must’ve been the colors or the lighting that provided the illusion. Anyway, your brother made a good purchase - a ranch, on a strategic location, away from the suburbs, and a bit closer to nature. This place is a good investment.

-Darren Lanphere

Rodger said...

Wow! I love the location of this ranch! It’s near waters, and it has a very relaxing atmosphere! I want to live in a ranch like this too! Just by looking at the picture, I can already imagine how refreshing it is to be there.

-Rodger Ciliberto